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Preparing For Industry & Branding

This module has spent time preparing us for industry and making sure that we all know how to represent ourselves and to apply for jobs and make ourselves heard. Mock interviews have also been an extremely useful part of this module as I feel since I had not done a mock interview since second year I really needed reminded what I should be doing and what is best practice to have a successful interview.

I felt as the mock interview sessions allowed us to sit on the panel for someone else that this provided guidance and an opportunity to learn from others which I thought was of incredible value. I have been able to prepare a CV, Showreel, Website, Business cards and feel that I have now branded myself and know what I should be doing to seek employment within industry.

Planning The Event

During the course of this module we have been working on planning an event I was originally on the team to plan the QFT wrap party but we were then changed to plan the event within the Connor lecture theatre on the opening night of the End Of Year Show. We have a wrap party arranged to take place in The Hudson so it seems like we have now merged into the End Of Year Show planning team.

This week has been insane for all of the planning coming together and we have seen some really progress over an incredibly gruelling week. I feel like we now have a very successful End Of Year show on the cards as well as us knowing how we should reach out to employment. The wrap party is next week and The End Of Year show will start the following week I cannot wait to see all of this come together over the course of the next few weeks. There are some very exciting times ahead as well as graduation at the end of it all.




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