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End Of Year Show, Team Layout – Day 5

On Friday we came in and were all working on our blogs and I was also working on my showreel as I had some feedback changes to make, this was done whilst we were waiting on the floors of Carl.Jr to be machine cleaned.
Mary had a conversation with some of the noonan staff and we were told it would be Friday but if not it would defiently be done by Monday so we held off as long as we could on getting our personal bits and bobs together.

Personal Panel Prints

Myself and Fiona went over to cathedral graphics around lunch time and picked up our prints. I was so glad to be able to lay eyes on them as I was so nervous they might not turn out great and I was aware that there was limited time for re printing.

The prints looked great and we were all so happy to finally see them. I had two different ones printed out one featuring a black background and the other with white and as the girls were also using the white theme I felt that mine would look better also white.

Preparing The Room & Table Setup –

In the afternoon we decided to move into Carl.Jr to make a start on our team setup. We moved out boards into the room and set them up between the tables. There were now also feet painted for the boards so we selected some of these and put them onto the display boards.

In total out set up would feature three macs (one per person), an extra monitor to dual screen, the Pc and monitor that would have the Oculus Rift and Xbox controller that would showcase our virtual reality experience.

In order to mount our work to the display panels we wanted to use crocodile clips on the paper and the clips would then hang from nails. I had went and got some panel pins and a hammer and bought them in, meanwhile Fiona got the clips.

We had quite an interesting afternoon measuring our sheets, and the boards so that I would know where to hammer in the nails. Once this was done we then hung up our team display sheets with care and precision and stood back to check how they looked.

We started to get excited at how things were starting to come together. While Mary and Fiona hung up the personal display sheets and bought some macs to the table myself and Aodhán carried over the Oculus and PC equipment so that I could set this up and make it operational.

Setting Up The Desks

The equipment was setup and I’m so glad that it worked as sometimes unplugging and plugging in the Oculus can mess things up so I was quite nervous moving it all across to the other room.

We noticed that the sheets weren’t quite flush with the board and would maybe need some sort of tape to hold them in place so we went and bought some so that we could mount the sheets in place.

We tested the equipment and got the macs up and running and put up our websites/showreel as this is what we plan on displaying during the show.

Each person has a card holder for their business cards so we placed these out on the desk and I was able to put some of my cards in mine before I left. The set up was really starting to gel together and I can’t wait to come in on Sunday and see what everyone else has done and put in place over the weekend.

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Finishing Touches

The finishing touches will be put in this weekend and we will give everything a re clean just to make sure our setup is absolutely perfect. We are going to tidy up some of the wires for the Oculus/PC setup but the nature of this setup is quite wire reliant unfortunately. A seat will also be bought in for the Oculus setup and we will showcase the setup with participant sitting down for health and safety reasons.


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