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Adding Portrait Of The Artist To My Showreel

Adding Portrait Of The Artist To My Showreel

The last thing I had to to add to my showreel was Portrait Of The Artist and make a few more edits so that I could then update this change on my website with the new version of my reel.

As well as adding Portrait Of The Artist I needed to make some other changes such as putting the waterfall/volcano Houdini renders onto the one shot as they are lower res videos.I then had to shorten the end to reduce the amount of Annie The Olive displayed and to have Fed Up Food closer to the start of the reel. I also added some particle effects at the start and labels are featured throughout.

I then put my showreel into Premiere and made sure the sound was timed appropriately making it fade in and out at the start and the finish.

With all of these changes I think that my showreel flows a lot better than it did and my best work is at the beginning which lets it get straight to the punch. The Mulbury content ties in nicely with Portrait Of The Artist and the later Fed Up Food and Revenge Of The Cupcake work well together with my blend of VFX in the middle.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the video below you can now see my latest show reel this has now been updated on my website and will be playing on loop at the End Of Year Show. I will be in University tomorrow to put the latest version of my showreel on the mac and to make some finishing touches to the set up.


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