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Individual Portrait Of The Artist Panel For The End Of Year Show

Team Panels Format

Fiona has been kind enough to contribute this team panel template format to the team. This ensures that we can make our personal display panels to be shown to compliment the Portrait Of The Artist team panels as well as each other. We want to maintain a consistency between each of our panels and help each other to make this display look the best it can.

Creating a format that allows for each team member to fill content. Breakdown that includes:

  • Key pieces of work
  • Workflow breakdown
  • Cross pollination of ideas and work
  • 3 Key pieces of work
  • 50 words max

Broad strokes as to what could be in the personal panels….

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Theme Decision & Choice

I have decided to opt for the theme that showcases one large image at the top followed by two smaller images. The top image allows room for a on average 2 – 3 sentence paragraph to be included to allow the person to describe their role in the project right away.

The sections at the bottom that allow for 2 smaller images have left room for much larger paragraphs to go a little more in depth. This is helpful if we would like to describe an aspect of our roles in a little more detail.


Selected Theme

Panel Content

The general content will talk about my role in the project, the breakdown of my production pipeline, how we worked together as a team in order to get the project out. I will also show three images of my work.

The best way to approach this is to break down what my general roles have contributed to the project such as Technical, Functional and VFX.

Technical –  This section will talk about my role and how I set up the Oculus and made the virtual reality aspect possible through the use of the Unity game engine.

“As technical artist Nicole’s role in was in the creation of the logic and programming within the Unity game engine so, what would normally have been a traditional documentary practice piece, could be realised in Virtual Reality through the Oculus Rift headset.”

Functional – will talk about software side of things and how I have been able to use Adventure Creator to program the setting and make all of the assets work together to flow in an experience. This also includes having particular assets broken down into experience levels with animations playing when we need them to and actions happening sequentially to make the experience operational.

“Animation at Ulster is primarily a design driven course and only touches on the use of writing code in animation. We were able to develop our skills and develop our system’s logic using tools such as Adventure Creator which is a visual logic creation tool for Unity.”

“This opened the door to new creative opportunities moving forward to develop documentary practices with virtual reality.


VFX  will then discuss the particle effects and why they have been created to aid the experience and create an ambience throughout the experience.

“Nicole and her team worked closely on the discovery of new visual metaphors and narrative structures in order to take advantage of the creative opportunities offered by the new technologies.”

“Asset creation including VFX particle effects were also employed in order to create a sense of space for the viewer. In close collaboration with Mary and Fiona, The VFX throughout was designed to compliment the visual artifacts seen throughout.”


Images Included

I wish to include an image to show the overall setting of the scene when talking about my role as I compiled everything together in Unity and made it functional. I then wanted to include work on the particle systems to show my VFX. Finally I want to show something like the opening screen that shows menu options that can be selected to demonstrate functionality.

In all I feel that this would cover my process in the project in short I would have an image to show the programming of the functionality another image to show my VFX work and finally an image to show an overall technical image of everything compiled.

Images Chosen

After gathering a lot of content images I finally made the decision to select these images The first image that will show will be Colin in the setting with the landscape and paint strokes coming in to the next will show some of the particles I made and how they have improved so I decided to go for a before and after VFX shot. Finally an image of the menu will be displayed so that I can demonstrate functionality.

Icons –

In regards to icons I have been thinking about having a spanner to show my technical skills, an xbox controller to show my functionality and programming and finally particle specs in nice colours to show my VFX work.

I passed on these ideas to Fiona and we had a discussion to talk about how these icons could be better shown to demonstrate my skills. We stuck with the spanner but decided to change the controller to a nut as the spanner and the nut work together much like technical and functional. Finally we opted for the letters VFX as particles would just look like dots inside an icon.

Fiona created these icons for both myself and Mary to maintain the consistency and as we really liked what she had done with the icons in the team display panel. Here is an image of the icons that Fiona created. I think they really look amazing she also suggested that we should use the colour scheme of each icon for the underline of each of our skill headings so that the icons link directly to the headings.


Earlier Design Drafts

We have all been working on our content and our own interpretations of the themes that Fiona provided for us. In the images below you can see some of my earlier drafts with the general content when I was using placeholder icons.  I had created a mini circle image of myself to also be displayed on the poster and had experimented with this beside the contact details but as a team we decided not to go for this look.

At this stage I had not settled on the before and after image for the VFX section that idea came later on when I wanted to show my VFX role in more depth. During a feedback discussion it was suggested to me that I try and integrate the black background into the poster as we had done this in the team panel so here are a couple of variations of working up the posters.

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Personal Panels Sent For Printing

After working on the posters some more I settled on these two ideas for print.  I will see what ones look better once I have them both printed. These posters have the new logos and a before and after of VFX. There have also been some changes to the alignment of the layout so that it is matched with the rest of the team.

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