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Room Prep & Introducing Carl Jr To A Cloth – Day 3

Room Prep & Personal Display Panel Work

Today there were a few things I needed to bring in so that we can continue to get the room prepared for the End Of Year Show. I bought in a saw to cut the legs of the extra long boards, I also obtained some masking tape to be used for the edging and blue roll to keep the floor dry when cleaning the white board walls. Whenever I got into Carl this morning I updated the whiteboard so that others would know what supplies we had and any further tasks that needed addressed.

As everyone was back today it was a little bit loco but I was certainly glad to get some help in preparing for the show. We could not get into the room until the afternoon so I took to working on my personal display board for the end of year show and getting some feedback on what I had done so far.

Fiona created the logo’s for the team display panels and we would like to maintain some consistency within the posters. I went and spoke with Fiona and asked if she could make me a spanner to represent my technical role within the project as the VFX/Technical Artist.

Tour Of Graphic Design

This afternoon Conann took us on a tour of graphic design and we were able to go up and have a look at what those guys are presenting for their contribution to the End Of Year show. This was both useful and kind of scary as the students up there have done some truly amazing work and are really good at presenting themselves and work together as a collective piece and this is something we should learn from.

When we returned we had a critique session and Conann went through some of the display panels that the teams have already got printed out. He spoke about the graphic design and explained where some of us had went wrong and what we should be aiming for.

Conann covered some basic principles of graphic design that we addressed in first year but that many of us seem to have forgotten over time. I particularly found this interesting and useful as I have been struggling designing and adding content to my personal display board for the show .

Introducing Carl Jr To A Cloth

As I had been the only person in apart from Scully the rest of the class was getting updates from me as to what needed to be done and what I had also worked on. It was great to get compliments on my work on the boards as it felt like time well spent over the past few days.

When it came to talking as a class Matt Boyd and Mary took the roles as task masters and I stepped to the side of the painting for today as the past two days have me pretty exhausted. Today I opted for some elbow grease tasks and helped move all the chairs to Carl. Senior then got stuck in collected general waste from Carl Jr and cleaning most of the tables and monitors.

None of the tasks are particularly hard but man are they time consuming. I did notice things going a lot faster today and Im really glad a lot of people now seem to be contributing to the preparation of the show as it certainly wasn’t fair that I have been putting in most of the work the past few days.

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Today I got some feedback on my showreel as I was working on it last night adding Portrait Of The Artist content to it and wanted to find out where I can improve things. I also wanted to check that the speed and flow of things is working well for the viewer so I asked about this and my feedback was as follows.

  • Speed up the Seamus Heany section of POTA.
  • Move the Houdini smoke plume and waterfall to the end and have this in split screen format.
  • Cut the ending to show less of Annie The Olive content.

As for my personal panel I received the following feedback

Photo 18-05-2016, 18 58 45

  • Look into the alignment
  • All of the images should show something different
  • The text should sell myself and not undersell me in any way
  • Think about maintaining consistency within the other team members design
  • Look into black with white text like the team panels have been made




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