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Portrait Of The Artist Re – Print

Re Print Status

Today I went to Cathedral Graphics and collected the re print of the Portrait Of The Artist panel which I was unable to collect yesterday due to a printer malfunction. Im really eager to find out if the re print looks much better and to see if we still have the strange blue in our storytelling logo and the washed out look on the image of Colin Davidson.

I let my team members in London know about the printing blooper and cant wait to tell them how it looks once I see it. I can always try and send a photograph but it may not do it justice. The print has to be handled with care so once I unroll it to check the quality I will then look into placing it with the other Poster panel print that we have in the room.

Collecting The Re Prints

As I have now called over a few times to get the re prints I phoned up and they were all ready and set to go. I collected them and man was I proud the blue in the storytelling logo was now a pastel blue just like we wanted. The image of Colin within the iMac image is no longer looked washed out and is vibrant.

Photo 17-05-2016, 14 15 54

Final Panel

Here is an image of the information panel of our display we also have the movie poster panel but this did not need re printed. Now that we have our team display images for Portrait Of The Artist we can work on our personal ones for this project that will also be displayed at the End Of Year Show.

Photo 17-05-2016, 14 15 29


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