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Painting The Display Boards – Day 2

Painting & Preparing The End Of Year Show Display Boards

Today I came in again to prepare the display boards for the end of year show. Yesterday I was lucky and Scully was able to help me as people are in London but a few of us are still here. Unfortunately today I was on my own and it felt very much like this has all been left for me to do but I did the best I could until I literally could not continue.

This morning involved filling and sanding of the excess for some of the boards that had escaped our eye yesterday. The remainder of the day was spent painting all of the boards coat after coat after coat… Speaking with Conann the feet for the boards and the edging will need done more precisely. He suggested using masking tape placed on the edges and then painting over it as some of them are a little uneven.

Photo 17-05-2016, 13 46 20

Display Boards –

Here you can see the majority of the boards all white and pretty some needing a little work on the edging. The feet will need painted and put on to the boards and there is plenty of white paint to go around.

I was hoping to move on with rallying up some people to help me clean the studio once Conann is finished marking work to get a little break from painting and to also work on my own work as I have a hand in on Sunday too just like everyone else.

Also it has been noted that some of the display boards are a different height than others so I will maybe have to bring in a saw and do this as I have a feeling no one else is going to. When these boards are done Im going to be so happy as I have put so much work into them and I really do hope they look good for purpose.

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Updating The Task List

As I have been the only one here apart from Scully I have been updating the task list that we created during the one of the end of year show meetings. I have added some more tasks as unfortunately it was not as easy and sand and paint boards. Once I realised the edging and feet of the boards needed painted I also added this to the list so that when my classmates return from London they can see what has been done and what needs approached.

Anything else I have needed to buy or need to bring in has also been added to the list and I will see to it that we have it and have enough of these things. I would have loved to have had this task list in much better shape for the guys from London returning but unfortunately we did not get the numbers for people to help and it was me and Scully on Monday and I was by myself on Tuesday so we did what we could.

Photo 17-05-2016, 13 58 24.jpg


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