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Portfolio Prints & Compiling My Portfolio

Portfolio Prints

Today I went to collect a series of prints for my personal portfolio and the Portrait Of The Artist project. Unfortunately the printer was playing up for the Portrait Of The Artist A0 re print so I was unable to collect it today but will go back for it tomorrow.

We had to get the Portrait Of The Artist panel reprinted as the logo for storytelling came out the wrong colour of blue and could not be seen from a distance. This blue also meant that it was not in line with the pastel colour theme that we had in place for the rest of the panel. The image of Colin Davidson at the bottom of the panel also had a washed out effect and would need to stand out more.

As I had my own prints I decided to put together my portfolio. In order to do this I also created a series of labels for each piece of work so that the viewer would be informed as to what the piece was called, what project it is from, what I did within the image and how long I worked on the project.

Photo 16-05-2016, 20 11 24.jpg

Compiling The Portfolio & Arrangement Of Work

As I was putting together my work it made sense to display the work in projects or particular themes so that it is easy to view and makes sense to the viewer. I begin to show my work on “The Mulbury project” as this one is visually astounding and is a major game development project within industry that I had the pleasure to work on.

The next section is the “Fed Up Food” RSA project that was my first experience of a solo programming experience working towards creating a game. Finally I finish up by showing my VFX Houdini work and the end with some design and typography work that I am still not 100% certain about until I get some peer feedback.

A lot of my older work from previous projects has been removed as I no longer see it as my best work. The Portrait Of The Artist panel will be displayed on the end of year show boards so I will not include it in my personal portfolio until after the show.

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