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Painting The Display Boards – Day 1

End Of Year Show Display Boards

Today has been hard work preparing the end of year show display boards and myself and Scully tackled this task for the duration of the day we worked on fixing some of the boards that needed a little TLC. I took to the power tools and sanded down the boards that needed help or had not been touched at all yet.

We then worked on filling the boards that were a bit on the battered side using filler to seal up the holes that would then needed sanded down again by hand once the filler was dry.

The next stage was priming all the remaining boards and then painting them on each side and making sure they were beautiful glacier white. Some of the boards were more difficult than others as some had not been primed and just painted and this was meaning they took many more coats to cover than the ones that had been primed. Others had been painted but not sanded down and there were a few that had maybe been filled on one side but not the other.

All in it was a tough manual labour day between myself and Scully but I really enjoyed it, it was a change from the normal day to day desk work so it was a nice change. Most of the boards are now finished and we agreed we would stay until they were all white and I will check in the morning if any need other coat, I will do that.

In the images below you can see the display boards as they now look all glimmering and white. I will add more images of me and scully all geared up soon so you can see the humour that also found its way into the day.


Photo 17-05-2016, 16 20 09

Plan For Tomorrow

Tomorrow once I check the boards are all good and are given the all clear I will be moving into Carl.jr to show it what a cloth looks like and begin the work on cleaning and prepping the room for the show. For now the boards will stay outside until work that is being marked is moved out of the room.

As for final years the plan is to not move any of our work in until Friday. Earlier I spoke with Conann and he hopes to have the marking done and the other work out of the room by end of day Wednesday and he says he will help us so a team of us will need to get together to move the scanner out of the room safely and to suitable storage.

At the end of the day today I went into the main room and checked of a few things of the to do list and I believe Matt Boyd has already put together a room plan so that was checked off, I have done the shopping so that was checked off and myself and Scully prepared the boards which there was a lot more stages to than shown on the whiteboard but I will check off painting the boards tomorrow when I am happy with them.

Photo 16-05-2016, 15 34 46


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