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Preparation For End Of Year Show

Major Project – End Of Year Show Planning

Towards the end of the year and end of the major project we began our planning into the end of year show and both modules seemed to become one. We have been thinking for a while now how things are going to look and how they are also going to feel for the user of our virtual reality experience.

Over the course of the topics discussed in this post you can see how we have made our efforts to plan towards the show and to present it well. Some of the results range from posters to executable builds.

Table Planning

When we were working on the major project I was still working on polishing the build and getting this perfect for presentation. Meanwhile this freed Mary and Fiona up to work on the display boards for the End Of Year show. We all had our tasks that were aimed at presenting this work well at the show and making it look as beautiful as it could.

Mary and Fiona discussed with me the idea of having these two rather beautiful display boards and then we will all follow the same template on three smaller personal display boards which will be one per person.

Heres a lovely picture of a very tired three of us over our final but not quite final prints from Cathedral graphics. The idea of these looking like a movie poster had also been discussed.

Photo 13-05-2016, 15 37 28

Board Layout

Fiona designed these boards that are going to be shown to present our work at the end of year show. The first board will be like a movie poster to tease the viewers into wanting to see more about Portrait Of The Artist. The second board will then be broken down into four informative sections which will include storytelling, art, technology and future.

I love the design of these posters and they work really well for purpose now I cant wait to see them printed of and in all of their glory. The icons for each section that are in the theme of what Mary had created for the gallery section information headings are really nice and tie in well.

During the creation of these panels Fiona had asked me for some feedback on the content that was to be included on the panels. My feedback was to change the opening paragraph to mention a project set in virtual reality from the beginning at get straight to the punch line. I then suggested that within the storytelling paragraph included below be edited so that the line connected by the theme of a common humanity be edited or removed to keep it simple as at first glance this did not make sense to me.

“These are universal values connected by the theme of a common humanity; a view that is less preoccupied with a person’s celebrity, label or achievement, and more with their status as an equal human being.”


Personal Board Layouts

A selection of personal board layouts have also been created by Fiona and it was discussed with me and Mary that we should stick to the same sort of theme to display our work and that we should choose one of the templates that have been created. On the presentation of the end of year show we all want to be in sync with what we are showing and that is why we have been tied into a set theme which these excellent layout options.

I will be designed by own presentation board based on the theme that Fiona has shown me so that I am in line with the design. The content will be chosen by myself and I will ask the girls for feedback on it whenever I am done with my content and design. This enables us to follow a theme but still be unique in our own little ways.


Room Planning

Here are some of the things that we had discussed two boards would be placed in between two of each of the four desks and  we would have two large display boards in total. we would then have a mac each and the PC to display the VR experience. The VR experience would also include a chair, headphones and the Oculus Rift.

There had previously been talk about putting a board at the end of the table when we were in a discussion with Andrew and Toni about the boards sizing etc. Im really glad that we did not stick to this as I had mentioned a board at the end of the table feels like a cut of point and looks like a team and an individual at the end and that is not how we want to be represented at all.

The images below show a maya mock up of the room plan we had discussed as a team and the other shows how that plan actually looks in real life. This layout appears to work well and we have since then attached the actual mock prints which were on to thin a paper on to the panels to get sizing and layout 100%.

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