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Portfolio Decisions

Portfolio Decisions

Its been a long time since I have had a portfolio hand in and I wanted to finish of this year with a bang and make sure I showed some of my best work. The work I have selected will show projects from my time on industry placement and of further game development in final year university.

My major project will be displayed on the display boards as part of a theme so I will not include it in my personal portfolio folder until after the end of year show. Some of the things I have been thinking about including are scenes from The Mulbury Project that show my modelling, texturing, VFX and Game logic skills. I had thought about including some Previs but after getting it printed it out I decided against this as even though I would like to show that I am able to do this I do not think my portfolio is the right place to showcase this.

I then wanted to include work from the fed up food project as this was my first experience in game development without working in a company. As this was my first solo programming experience I really wanted to showcase this as I see myself as a technical artist and this project helps to reinforce this.

Finally I have decided to keep some of my previous projects within my portfolio such as the crashing columns I created in Houdini and some design work based on typography that I think looks rather good. Before I settle totally on my decision of work I have selected I will get the majority of it printed out try and test it and ask people what they think about it when it is together.

In the image below you can see some of the work I had thought about including in my portfolio. The images shown as an example are all images from the Mulbury project and I am a little concerned about how these are going to print out.






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