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End Of Year Show Meetings

During the week we had had a meeting to discuss what exactly was going on with the End Of Year show and how we were going to go about making this happen. The wheels had been in motion for the planning of this event for some time but we needed to make sure that everyone else knew what to do and what we needed to get to make this all happen.

It seems to me like the groups have all kind of merged into each other and people are helping out as much as they can wherever they can. We came up with a selection of tasks that we needed to have done for the 19th May.  We are hoping to have the 20th May available for us to actually bring in our work and setup.

The tasks are as follows

  • Paint the pillars in Carl.Jr
  • Paint the screening room in Carl.Jr
  • Ask Conann to move the scanner and help him do it.
  • Scrub all of the whiteboard walls.
  • Clean all of the tables but be careful with hand in work.
  • Brush the floor.
  • Clear the rubbish out of the room.
  • Cut the boards that are too long.
  • Test feet with the boards and the layout of the room.
  • Clean all the windows.
  • Sand down the boards.
  • Fill the boards.
  • Prime & Paint boards.
  • Posters for the room.
  • Draw up floor plan.
  • Gather videos.
  • Security check for computer locks.
  • Move all chairs into other room.

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Things We Need To Buy  –

Looking at the list I believe I have a lot of these things at home already so anything I have I am going to bring in to assist as best as I can. Here are the list of the things that we need to get and anything that is purchased the End Of Year show fund is there to help out with.

  • Window cleaner
  • Window cloths
  • Window wiper
  • White paint
  • Big rollers and trays
  • Floor sheets
  • Blue Roll
  • Spray on Bleach
  • Wiping Cloths
  • Polish for tables
  • Something to tidy cables (cable ties)

At the meeting I said that I was more than happy to get these things so I am going to make that happen today. A facebook status was put up about me pretty much rallying in the rest of the class that is not on the London trip to help me out with this. I have also nominated myself to come in and sand, fill, prime and paint boards that are incomplete, untouched or not done to the highest quality so I will get to that and have them looking amazing.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 06.31.50.png



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