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Arrival Of The Business Cards

Business Cards

I had designed some business cards featuring the same logo that is on my blogs, website and showreel I thought that it was a good idea to maintain the branding with anything that I create to represent myself to the industry. I also included the necessary information that anyone would need if they had an interest in finding out more about me such as my full name, phone number, professional email address and website link.

In order to get my business cards I decided to use Vistaprint and I opted for the deluxe version of the cards this was to ensure that they would look sleek and professional and so that they would be relatively hard wearing. When ordering the cards I was also able to opt for a metallic finish on the art work and text of the cards so that the writing and logo would be silver and the rest of the card a matte black on both sides.

Arrival Of The Business Cards

My business cards have now arrived and now that they are here i’m delighted with the result however I did notice that the writing on the back is not in metallic finish like I had requested. A quick live chat with Vista print resulted in me getting another 250 business cards sent to me for free I really am very lucky indeed and I’m glad I have a great supply of them to last me a while.

I was also told that the back of the cards did not come in metallic and as I did not know this a replacement would be sent. The extra ones are now on their way and will be the extra thick cards with the writing and logo in white on the matte black cards. It’s safe to say I’m delighted and cant wait to see what the new ones will look like.

Photo 12-05-2016, 18 48 15


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