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Showreel With Labels & Business Cards

Adding Labels To My Showreel

One of the things that had been suggested to me in feedback for my showreel was to add labels stating what my task in each section of the showreel was so that employers know what I can do. I have added a video example of how the showreel may look with the labels on it but i’m not sure about the font yet but I am still experimenting with this.

Business Cards

I have also been working on some business cards that I have ordered and are now thankfully on their way and will be here in time for the End Of Year Show and hand in so that there will be an example of how I intend on presenting myself the cards are going to come with metallic print also and will be pretty thick and they are intended to be durable and look professional whilst providing employers with as much information about me as possible.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 23.15.14.png

Business Cards purchased from –


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