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D.I.Y – Handy Chuckles & End Of Year Show Display Board Preparation

The end of year show will require some display panels that will be mounted in between each of the two tables. Toni’s father has been extremely kind and made the display boards for us and we cannot thank him or Toni enough for making them and transporting them to us. It have saved us a considerable amount of effort, time and money and we appreciate that this has been done for us.

The panels need some work to get them ready for the show so we will have to sand them down by hand, use polyfilla for any holes or marks, sand them down again and then prime the display boards to be painted white for the show.

All of the class should be coming in to help with the preparation of these boards at some stage and on Thursday myself, my team and many other class mates stayed late in order to get the boards prepared for the show. We got through a significant amount of the boards meanwhile Lauren and some very kind first years were cleaning the whiteboard walls in carl jr.



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