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Fundraising – Pub Quiz & Bake Sale

Pub Quiz Night

Last night we had our pub quiz in order to raise funds for the End Of Year show and myself and my team went and met up with some of Fiona’s housemates to form a team for the pub quiz. We did so badly it was unreal but it was a good laugh and I even had a drink which is a new thing for me.

The pub quiz featured all different questions presented really well by Michael with some hilarious impersonations. There was also a raffle which we partook in to raise some funds and have a chance at winning some querky prizes.

The pub quiz was in Bootleggers which used to be Alley Cat and featured some interesting cocktails in teapots and a strange unicorn quiz team called “Chuckles The Dark Horse”. We all had a great night and it was great to participate in the fundraising.

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Bake Sale –

During the past few weeks we have also had a bake sale that raised funds for the show. Unfortunately it was all organised on Facebook and I did not know until the day of the sale. I had mentioned all along that I would make brownies for this occasion but I didn’t know so I decided that my contribution would be better spent buying the treats and eating them, Its safe to say I had that ultimate cheat day and consumed a lot of carbs in aid of the end of year show.



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