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Week Ten – Mock Interviews

Preparation – 

As I have been unwell my mock interview was today instead of on Monday like everyone else’s. So as people are having their feedback given to them I will instead be doing my interview which is good as I have had some time to prepare.

I have been working on preparing my showreel, CV, Cover letter and website for the mock interview and have been revising the interview questions to try and have an idea of what I will say when I am being interviewed for a games position on the AIM High scheme. Rehearsals have also been taking place to try and get me more prepared.

Mock Interview – 

I had my mock interview and felt like it went well it was obvious that I was nervous but I had prepared as much as I could so that when the nerves kicked in the amount I would forget would be as minimal as possible.

I was asked to tell Greg (The Interviewer) a little bit about myself which was a question I had really not liked the thought of. A few other questions were as follows :

What project in your showreel was challenging and why?

I was able to talk about the Mulbury project and what this was and why I found it challenging I spoke a little about how I went into Inlifesize with low modelling skills and came out of it knowing much more than that but the challenge was well starting.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

This question was probably the one I was most confident about because I have already had experience as a technical artist on a virtual reality project and Junior games vfx artist on placement I would like to continue down this path and eventually break into the role of games designer so I would not only decide what elements would go into the game but I would be able to decide how the game works and make this happen.

What do you think are your strengths?

I answered this question with a range of different things such as I am a T – Shaped person who has good communication skills and is a team player has a positive attitude towards the work and who has the ability to work on multiple tasks at once.

Do you have any questions for us?

This question was a little worrying as in the past during interviews I have froze up and said no this question. Thankfully I was able to ask about the aim high programme and what happens after this is there a certification or any other information related to the after math.

Feedback  – 

When I received my feedback I was pretty shocked to get such good things said I didn’t think it had went badly but I did not think I had sold myself as much as I could have. The kind of things I was told was everything I said was backed up by the content of my showreel and I was able to use that as a talking point which I found useful.

What I said was informative and answered the question using experience to also back what I was saying and give examples of what I was talking about at the time. I knew what role I wanted and had researched the Aim High Programme.

CV Feedback –

As there were two copies of my CV Greg was able to help me see what I hadn’t got quite right on my CV and he recommended that I make some changes for example I had the list of my education of my education before my experience and he wanted to see this the other way around. The background colour of my CV was blue and he suggested that if it ever needed to be photocopied this would not be ideal.

The Skills panel I have on page two of my CV has words used for the interest level in the skill in question labelling it as high, medium, low etc he suggested a graph instead as the word medium is seen before high and it would also break things up a bit. He suggested I change my references as currently I have both Greg and Conann and he said perhaps to keep the same people but use Greg’s InlifeSize information so that I have one academic reference and one Industry reference.

Cover Letter Feedback –

On the cover letter I had forgot to add the link to my website and had all other information apart from this so in future I can’t forget to include this. He was pleased to see I had included the name of the person I was writing to and the position of the role I was applying for. He suggested that again I have my experience higher in the cover letter.

I was also told to remember that a cover letter and CV should be made so that they can be separated as often the cover letter will be seen by HR and the CV will be seen by the person interviewing for the role .

Showreel Feedback –

After watching my showreel with me it was recommended that I add labels of what I actually did in each section of the reel as this is an industry wide problem and as the majority of the work I do is in a team it is nice to say what you did without the person interviewing having to ask. He also suggested that when I am done I add the Virtual Reality project “Portrait Of The Artist” to the reel which I am planning on doing anyway. The time of my showreel is 01:15 so I hope to bring it to 1:30 by adding the VR project I also have a lot more VFX work that I could add but that I would need to showcase a little bit more before I do that.

Website Feedback –

Overall he though my website was good but that I need to have the showreel first instead of the gallery and then update it with the new reel which I will do as soon as possible and again when I add the VR project.

Reflection Of Sitting On The Panel – 

At the end of the interview each person just interviewed then had to sit on the panel for the next person so I was put on the panel with Alec and Greg to interview Sam. I found it really useful to see how someone else’s experience went but at the same time I think I was just as nervous on the panel as I was in the hot seat. As part of the panel I also had to ask a question so I asked Sam what he thought his strengths were and he focused mainly on his modelling skills when answering.

After all of the questions had been asked Sam had to go away and wait in the corridor for a bit while we discussed feedback and when he came back we had to let him know how it went. I think he had done well and was nervous as well which I had every empathy for because I wasn’t exactly 100% confidence during my interview.

Part of my feedback was during the strengths question he only focused on one and I thought that there is many more strengths than that, that could have been mentioned. I thought it was great that Sam was able to make eye contact with all members of the panel as I know personally that this is something I struggle to do with, even with one person never mind a panel .

It was cool to see someone else getting things right that I did not for example Sam had his experience first on his CV then his education but I did not. This was because I had always been told put your most recent employment/studies and what your up to now at the top but Greg had a very good metaphor to encourage me to change this he said your car is broke and needing fixed who do you go to the person learning to be a mechanic or the mechanic and I answered the mechanic and he said well then I would like to see your experience is all about what you know and I want to see that first.

I thought that I learned a lot from the experience as it was nice to see how an interview should go and the kind of preparation that is required. Some else’s experience taught me what I could do better and what I could improve on and that alone is worth is weight in gold I was very surprised to learn so much from sitting on the panel but Im thankful I did.

Being on the panel also enabled me to see what the interviewers talk about when you leave and the kind of things they are thinking about and what they want to know about you and even the small things that they notice is incredible and a little daunting.


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