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Design Presentation & Reporting – Mock Interview Questions

Class Content – 

Today we had our week nine Design Presentation & Reporting class that reminded us all that we have mock interviews taking place on the 11th April. As a class we had to carry out various team tasks to come up with general interview questions that may be asked eventually grounding this down to interview questions that may be asked about a specific role.

After we had worked on the class exercises and came up with various questions we talked about why these questions might be asked and how they might be answered in an interview.

Mock Interview Preparation – 

Our mock interviews will be carried out by Greg and Paula Campbell from NI Screen and we will be asked a series of questions as if we are applying for the AIM High programme that Northern Ireland Screen offers in collaboration with the BBC.

The mock interviews will be a lot like the ones we had in second year and will require that we have the following materials prepared:

  • Showreel/Portfolio
  • Website
  • CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Possible business cards

As always with having the pressure of two modules I have been finding it difficult to stay on top of things and although I have my CV and website more or less up to date. I would find use in being able to get some feedback on my showreel before Monday as I really am struggling to get the content to look good together and I feel stuck.

A cover letter is not something I have a lot of experience in and I will have to research how to do this as well as look over how to answer the interview questions and really think about how I would answer them. As with most people I find interviews make me very anxious so Im going to need to think about how I will control my nerves and try not to worry about it too much in the meantime.

Event Management Planning Meetings – 

We then broke off into out events management teams to have meetings to establish where we are at and what is going on. I am finding that these meetings are not really happening within the teams that were originally set and I am feeling a little lost with this part of the module.

I believe that a lot of this planning may be taking place on social media and not in person. I am a member of the QFT planning group conversation on facebook but I would not say that I am an active member of the facebook community to fully know what is going on. I am trying my best to be involved in this process but I cant honestly say that I know my place or feel at ease about this task at all.

Reflection – 

Overall I am finding that this module is massively useful but I fear that I am struggling with time management as our major project is so ambitious it is also highly demanding therefore making it a lot harder to work on these tasks that also need to be done and thought about a lot. I have been taking mornings and my own time to work on this module but think that I need to put a lot more time to put into it with the coming up mock interviews and I am not sure where I am going to find that time as I always seem to be catching up on the other project due to illness.


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