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I have been taking a look at my website today and have edited the content as I felt like my portfolio contained too many old projects that are no longer the best examples of my best work. Some of the projects I removed from the portfolio were as follows:

  • Black North – Finn In the Forest (modelling)
  • Life Of Toht
  • Graphic Design A History

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 14.51.18

My website includes the latest version of my CV and also a link to my blog so that people and potential employers can see what I am up to at the time. I was thinking of having another page for projects so that I could include all of the things I have worked on during the past four years and beyond. It would be nice for employers to be able to get a bit of a visual idea of my background and the things I have worked on.

It would also make sense for the work I am showcasing on my website to also be the work that I may showcase in my portfolio at the end of year show.

I have included another slot in my portfolio “Portrait Of The Artist” the project I am currently working on to be included as it is a virtual reality project and I would like to steer this project towards potential employment opportunities. In regards to this I would like to get some help with how to document this project as I would like to be able to include the skills I am learning from it on my CV but I am unsure what some of these skills would be categorised or called as they are all new skills to the industry and I am unsure of the correct terms to use.


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