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End Of Year Shows – What other Universities are doing

End Of Year Shows –

I am currently on the team that is planning the keynote speakers for the Conor lecture theatre and how this evening will integrate with the End Of Year show. Formerly this team was known as the QFT Wrap Party planning team but now we will plan this speaking event and do our own thing for the party.

We have been advised to take a look into what other universities are doing for the end of year show so I have decided to take a look into that and see if we can get any ideas or if there is anything that we are missing about planning this event. I am also interested to see what kinds of people are speaking at these events. There is no harm in getting a little bit more inspiration.

School Of Architecture – 

The video below shows the School Of Architecture End Of Year Show from Oxford Brookes University and how the students displayed and showcased their work even created a video like the one below that documents the event would be something worth thinking about so that potential students and students in other years of animation can see the sort of things that we got up to in our end of year show.

Games, Multimedia, Animation & Music End Of Year Show 2011 – 

This show seems to have content pretty similar to what we will have at our end of year show and it is nice to have an example that is closer than architecture.

School Of Architecture – Cardiff University

Reflection – 

One thing I can see is there are not that many animation courses that have documented an end of year shows so I have had to reach out to architecture as well and one thing I can see from the videos that seems to be a common behaviour is that people do not use digital means to show their work as much as they could.

We have the advantage of being able to display our work in a series of mediums ranging from paper portfolios to digital portfolios and so on.  At our End of Year show as we are working with virtual reality it would be great to set up and instalment to showcase the entire experience so that in itself is going to be a unique aspect to out end of year show.

I feel that it is important to see what other Universities are doing especially since we have not had an animation end of year show at this university before so we have no template to go on we are creating it for ourselves.

Mary had posted online some examples of the graphic design at Ulster University and what they had done at their end of year show so it was very nice to see what the different courses at our university are doing. It is also good to get a sense of what is expected from us so that we may push ourselves to do better.

Here are some of the images that Mary took at the End of Year show two years ago:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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