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Today I was having a look over my Curriculum Vitae to check that everything was in order as I know we have mock interviews coming up after easter. I am happy enough with the general content of my updating CV however I am feeling that as stated my role in Inlifesize was a Junior Games VFX Artist and I am thinking of adding Generalist to this role but Im unsure if it was appropriate.

I have updated my CV and the content is solid as well as the appearance looking professional and clean I would however find it useful to get feedback on my CV to make sure the way it looks and the way I have updated the content post placement is appropriate.

I will try to get some feedback next week or perhaps get a chance to see the careers officer as I did in second year so that they can check I am on the right path as soon enough I will sending this CV out into the open to employers to seek a graduate job.

On my CV I use my logo that is also featured on my website and will be featured on my business cards so I got to work on creating a design to make some business cards. From being at events such as the VFX festival in Dublin I have been handed some business cards from others so I decided to have a look over these and see what inspiration I could find as well as looking to see what content is appropriate and also the difference between a personal and company business card.

As the content of my business card I want to include the following my name, my logo, my mobile phone number and the link or some form of QR code (navigation) to my website.  I am wondering if I should also feature my email address as well as I don’t want to make it difficult for people to contact me. I like the idea of my business cards being all black with my logo on the front and my details as mentioned on the back of the card.

After doing some research into business cards I have discovered that there are all different kinds of cards that come from thick card, deluxe, metallic or even fold card. I would really like to have a combination of thick card with my matte logo on the front and perhaps my information on the back in metallic print like silver or gold.

When I complete the design of the cards I will include them on this blog and I have also been asking around to see what others are thinking in terms of their business cards. So far I have been looking at kaizen print and vista print to order some cards.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 13.57.14.png


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