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Planning & Update – 

Today in class we had an update on the status of the QFT wrap party and basically what it comes down to is the wrap party is now a party for us, family and friends rather than an industry based event as this will not be hosted through the end of year show.  We now have access to the conor lecture theatre after 7pm on the night of the invite only evening end of year show, This will allow us to host a keynote speaker and have someone say a few words about the past four years and the animation industry perhaps an inspirational speaker will say a few words.

A request had been put out to James Nesbitt to ask him to speak at our event but a response has not yet been received and it would be ideal for us to chase up on this matter.

As the animation course is the Ulster Universities baby the majority of the content of the shows will be hosted at the the university itself.

  • The end of year show will be on the 3rd June 2016
  • The trips to London will also commence for the people that want to go
  • Wrap Party (Whatever location we choose)

Originally we had planned to have the wrap party in the QFT but these plans have fallen through as our contact at the QFT no longer works there and our new contact has quoted us much more than originally discussed so I don’t feel like we are going to proceed with this idea.

Class – 

Today in class we also went through the marking criteria for this module as there was a lot of confusion around what we were actually getting marked on.  The marks are be broken down as follows –

40% Industry facing content:

  • Showreel
  • Industry facing portfolio
  • CV
  • Website
  • Mock interview

20% End of year show presentations:

  • How work is presented on the day
  • Oculus, business cards, wall space, portfolio and showreel think about displaying things on foam boards

40% End Of Year Events:

  • Organisational teams
  • Peer reviews
  • Blogs must have dedicated page to this module
  • Research
  • Milestone/timelines
  • Correspondence
  • Liaise with Catherine Brown about invites
  • Idea/research impact/ideation on idea

Please note that all of the invitations are now being handled by the uni through speaking with Catherine Brown.

The research that has been mentioned to us could take up in the form of the following topics –

  • Research what different universities are doing
  • Fraternities
  • Secret societies
  • Event management books
  • Films and festivals
  • Entry requirements, where are they? Costs? Timings?

Important Dates – 

13th May would be ideal if first years cleared out of the studio

16th – 22nd May (we would need to have everything ready for the end of year show)

26th May for wrap party as Mchughes in booked out on the 27th (Update below)

3rd June is the end of year show and this will run for a week

29th June – 4th July would be when graduation takes places and there will be costs to think about such as gown hire, graduation photo, scroll hire, hoody etc

Team Update – 
After class we met up as a team as decided to go through some of be changes that had been made as the idea of QFT had been diminished we then had to regroup and take over the Conor lecture theatre event as part of the end of year show so we collaborated with that group as well as made alternative plans for the wrap party.

The wrap party is looking likely to being hosted at McHughes and we are working on getting a date and booking on this as they will book out and area of the bar for us, display out work on the projectors and feed is for a more appropriate fee which is looking good. We had originally requested the 27th of May but as this is a Friday it is booked out and we have had more luck in getting the 26th may.

Venue Update

The wrap party is now to be hosted at The Hudson on 27th May as we all preferred the idea of having the party on a Friday.



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