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Freelancing Discussion, Planning Update

Today in class we have been having a vigorous discussion about freelancing and how we should be paid for our animation services. We were discussing what does freelancing mean? Why would you want to freelance? Is it secure to do so?

We wen’t through a massive amount of content relating to freelancing an examples of pay for different types of industry jobs and how we go about invoicing in order to get paid. The different types of contracts such as NDA’s and MNDA’s were discussed and the differences between these and examples of how they are used in the industry.

How people were hired was another massive factor and we discovered that people buy from who they know this then highlighted the importance of networking and how connections are vital within this industry.

Contracts and rights of employment were also talked about and examples were given out on how these different contracts are used within companies.

A planning discussion then happened in order to get updates on the different planning groups from QFT planning, End of year show and the Double negative end of year show which are all in planning progress. Which could end up being an alternative company due to planning complications.

Feature image sourced from – 22/02/16


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