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QFT – Update

We have been making more progress with the QFT front of things in the past week. The guys were able to make contact with Adrian and discuss the possibility of hiring the venue and the 20th May was available to host the event. More questions are going to be asked about the likes of catering and drinks for the event as a corkage fee was mentioned. A suggestion of providing our own catering has also been a suggestion.

The QFT is to be an industry event that guests such as NI screen will attend. We have to be out of the QFT for 5:30pm on the Friday and the reason for it being a weekday is this would suit industry professionals more. We were also asked if students from Queen’s could use/attend the QFT at the time of the event but we are undecided on this. One of the questions left to be asked in order to secure the event is if a deposit is required or if it would be an upfront full payment.

As this is going to be an industry event we will have to have showreels and business cards ready for when we are talking to industry.  A running order of how things will go on the night will need to be scheduled and planned.

Myself and Fiona travelled to Jordanstown campus today to see if we could track down a particular individual of interest who we are not yet going to name but she is on leave and no one has heard from her in 18 months and none of her colleagues had any contact information for us which left us at a bit of a loss. We have hit a road block at this stage but hopefully we can try her work email and she might answer.

We have also been working on a guest list of people to invite to the event and myself and Fiona will extend these invitations to the individuals from the list. It may also be required that I start making brownies soon for fundraising.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 13.54.01


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