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Showreels – The good, The bad & Why..

Reel examples

Good Reel, Why do you think this is good?  Who is this reel aimed at?

I think this is a good Reel because it switches between different kinds of content seamlessly and each shot is labelled with what Peter Aversten worked on for each of them. This reel is aimed at potential employers seeking a lighting and texturing artist and the showreel is very well presented.

Bad Reel,  Why do you think this is bad? Who is this reel aimed at?

This Reel is bad because it takes a long time to kick into the actual content and whenever it does the majority of it is just turntables. The video itself is off bad quality and I often find for professional viewings of the likes of showreels they look a lot better presented in vimeo than they do on youtube. I am unsure who this reel is aimed at because they do not actually state what they do.

Image sourced from – 09/02/16


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