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Inspirational Websites – The Good & The Bad

As I have a particular interest in advertising myself as a VFX & Animation generalist I thought it would be a wise place to look closer to home first. One of the websites I remember seeing that was good for advertising for just that is my old work colleague Colin McCusker’s website. Colin’s website is an amazing reference for content if I would also like to advertise myself as the same.   09/02/16

Further researching into websites that are inspiring I stumbled across this –  09/02/16

Peter Aversten artist website is very aesthetically pleasing and makes use of a theme includes a lot of images within it to showcase his work. The website is easily navigated and the content is on point to show what this person can do and how to go about hiring them.

A not so great example of a website would be this one –  09/02/16

This website has amazing content and a pretty awesome showreel but the initial entry to the website is not as nice of an introduction to this man as it could be. It is apparent that this person is not a web designer but most use the likes of squarespace to showcase their amazing work. I was a little shocked that the website did not blow my mind as much as this individuals work.

One particular note of interest is this person also requires people that would be interested in him to request his resume you cannot just download it like on most other artist websites.


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