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On Friday I was also working on updating my website and I added content from Inlifesize that I worked on such as “Evil Dead” and ‘The Mulbury Project” and my roles worked on and examples of the work from there. The most recent update was adding the “Fed up Food” RSA project from first semester of final year and the project and which parts of it I was involved in.

I added these things to have a more up to date Portfolio because I want the best most up to date content to be displayed on the website for potential employers to view. I have a feeling that I should maybe remove some of the portfolio content as it may not show of my skills to the best of my ability and may not be selling me as well as it could but I would like some feedback on this.

My website contains a link to my Resume/CV which I also updated to contain the latest PDF of my current CV. As well as my CV needing to be updated for sending out it was important for me not to forget that I needed to update the link on my website.

The blog link is always in realtime and shows the most recent and up to date state of my blog so that people can see what I’m currently up to which is interesting. I will also need to add my new showreel to my website when I have finished making my edits. I have a feeling that after class next Monday and looking at good and bad Reels I may have a better idea of what I want to go for in my showreel.


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