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QFT Planning – Update

Today we met up in our QFT planning team for another weekly update to see exactly how things are standing. We have not heard back from Adrian at the QFT so we are still unaware if we can even get the venue.  Some of the things up for discussion today were as follows –

  • Fundraising – Bake sales, Car washing, Leg waxing or Raffles. (Possible ticket sales)
  • Community Video, Class Photo
  • Questions for class – After party or not? Do we charge for tickets?
  • Alternative Venues
  • Work that needs created for the video – Idents
  • Photographer
  • What we want on the night

We have established a few of these things and who will be working on what. The fundraising will be something that will be discussed and worked on by all of us.

The community video and class photographer will be a job for Rachel and Peter. The questions will be asked as a Facebook poll. The search for alternative venues goes out to Cricky and Aodhan. The Idents will be worked on by Cricky and Michael.

Myself and Fiona will go to Jordanstown to track down a particular individual to get some videos and extend an invite as well as sorting out the guest list and inviting everyone in a professional manner. I have also nominated myself to make brownies if we need them for a bake sale.

Greg joined the group discussion an we came to the conclusion that QFT is more of an industry than friends and family event. We had also originally decided to have the event at the weekend as friends and family would be working during daytime midweek but now that it is industry it would be preferred to be during the week.

We got a contact for Susan Picken at the QFT to see if we would have much more luck via contact with her an email has now be sent out and we are waiting to hear back.

We got to discussing the alternative venues as well and this is what we came up with –

  • Brewbot
  • Odyssey
  • Black box
  • Waterfront
  • The pop house
  • The Mills
  • The lyric
  • Oh yeah centre
  • Europa
  • Rooftop bar
  • T13
  • Ulster Museum
  • Crumlin road jail
  • The Mac
  • Belfast exposed
  • Harbour commissioners office
  • The Weir (Lagan)

A funding commitee has also been suggested for each of the three groups in order to get some sort of funds sorted out for these events. Invitations was another thing that has been mentioned to invite people to the QFT Industry event as people still like post these days and email doesn’t have the va va voom that hand made invitations could have.


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