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QFT Wrap Party – Planning

Design Presentation and Reporting – 

I have been placed in a team with Fiona, Michael, Cricky, Sam, Aodhán, Rachel Hynds and Peter. We are planning the QFT Wrap party and we got together to do a brainstorm on what we would need to do in order to make the event happen.

A Facebook chat was set up in order for us to communicate our thoughts about the wrap party on the go.

We discussed the following –

  • Who we would invite
  • Hire of the venue
  • Cost of the venue
  • Fundraisers
  • Catering
  • Number of invitations
  • Possible tickets
  • What would be on show
  • When would the event take place
  • How long would the event run for
  • Point of contact
  • What is QFT

Ideation – 

This image shows our team brain storm of the idea we came up with and Rachel was going to contact Marian the education officer there to discuss hire and costs due to previous contact with her. An email was then sent to Adrian the hire officer the discuss more about the venture with the help we had received from Marian we found out that we were entitled to both educational and student discount for the venue and that the earlier in the day the better. The QFT also charges by the hour so we would need to decide how long we need the venue for and we could not use it beyond 6pm.


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