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QFT – Group Update

Yesterday we got back into our event planning groups and wen’t over the following things –

  • Negotiating prices with Marion – Will be cheaper than £500 with student and educational discount.
  • Shall the event be family or industry or both?
  • Should there be a uniform way of displaying the work of the class, possibly business cards.
  • Animation Society have offered to help us.
  • Sorcha has a dropbox for class showreel perhaps we should do the same.
  • Should this be a ticket event or not?
  • The possibility of Academy providing the catering – Ask?
  • 2 hour hire will be sufficient at the weekend during the day.
  • Do we charge our guests or pay for this ourselves?
  • To take place on the 3rd or 4th week in May which would be 21st or 28th May.

During the week myself Fiona and Mary were asked to write a few paragraphs and send an email that would be sent to James Nesbit to invite him to the event and to say a few words. This email has been printed in letter form and is in the possession of Mr Nesbitt so hopefully he will accept our invitation to celebrate and speak at our QFT or End of year show.

Michael and Fiona tried to set up a meeting and called into the QFT to speak to Adrian the manager of venue hire but he was out of office at the time. An email has also been sent to Adrian so hopefully we will make some progress with this soon as our call with Marion gave us the information we needed but still directed us to Adrian to make a booking.


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