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Design Presentation & Reporting

Design Presentation & Reporting Class – 

This module will focus on preparing us for a career in animation and will focus on giving us advice on our CV’s, showreel and websites. We need to know how to sell ourselves within the industry and Greg will run this module in order to advise us best.

During this class we will also need to do some planning for big events that will take place at the end of our degree for example the End of year show which will take place in the university to showcase our work for academic and industry professionals. This is the time our work will need to be at our best in order to give us the highest chance of employment.

Double Negative also known as D Neg in London has offered to host an end of year show for us as well which is awesome. This will involve a trip to London a chance to showcase our work and to meet some of the leading professionals. I am particularly interested in going to the Double Negative end of year show but nothing is set in stone at the minute.

QFT for our wrap party has also been suggested as an ideal venue. QFT is the Queens Film Theatre and has been suggested as we can showcase our class showreel while having a party to celebrate all the hard work we have put in.

Our class has been divided into three groups and we have been charged with planning each of these events to ensure that they happen and are successful. I have been placed in a group to plan the QFT wrap party which will be a fun experience we will look into booking the venue, organising the catering and inviting the people and setting up funding for the London trip.


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