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Whats goes on in Design Presentation & Reporting

Structuring Your Dissertation

After submitting our dissertation reports our next class we had was based on how to structure our dissertation. The class covered the following stages that make up a dissertation.


  • Informing the audience what your topic is
  • Why is is important
  • How you plan to proceed
  • Main argument
  • Open with an engaging question/quotation/example.
  • First sentence must be important

Main Body:

  • Each section only covers one topic make use of paragraphs
  • Topic sentence – Informs reader of the subject of that particular paragraph
  • Paragraph must have purpose
  • Appropriate sizing of paragraphs


  • What your views are
  • Don’t mention anything new that hasn’t been mentioned in main body
  • Summarise your thoughts
  • Demonstrate importance of ideas
  • Link last sentence to the title
  • Discuss what you have failed to
  • State your general conclusions
  • Suggest further questions of your own

Editing & Proofreading:

  • Leave time to check the dissertation
  • Allow others to proofread
  • Read out loud

The assessment criteria is broke down into the following categories –

  • Abstract (5%)
  • Introduction (5%)
  • Literature Review (20%)
  • Methodology (10%)
  • Results & Analysis (30%)
  • Conclusion (5%)
  • Overall Content (20%)
  • General Presentation (5%)

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