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Dissertation Report – Feedback (Peer and Lecturer)

During class we were put together in different groups based on the topics we had choose for our dissertations as mine is VFX (Visual effects) based I was put into a group with Paul and Matt Boyd. We all read through each others dissertation reports and gave each other feedback as to how we could improve our work.

Yuan then wen’t around each of the groups and asked what the feedback was from our peers and either enforced this feedback or gave us more ideas to make the reports better.  We have been given a chance to edit the reports and this is now due in by the end of the week.

My feedback included the following :

  • Increase the length of the methodology. This could include how I will find information, how this will contribute to my research, how I will use this information, how I will bridge the gap and also mention how I will use my literature review.
  • Increase the reading list length
  • Importance of the field of your research academically/industry not the importance of VFX. This could include what your dissertation can contribute to the industry or academically and why your dissertation is important.
  • No full stop in the title and Capitalise each word of the title.
  • Decided on creative industry or creative industries
  • Do not mix up Visual effects and Special effects

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