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Research Methodologies – Choosing A Topic, Information Literacy

During class we covered the following aspects of research methodology: choosing a topic & Information Literacy. In order to choose a topic we were each given a separate coloured piece of paper other than our own notebooks and were then asked to answer the following questions:

  1. What themes particularly interest you in your animation? VFX, Women in Industry, Industry placement value, Unity for games, Creative thinking, Environments for games, Creative studies
  2. What are current hot topics in animation studies? VFX/ Houdini, Games, Virtual reality.
  3. Are there any issues in the field that are particularly important to your own national setting? VFX in Northern Ireland, Growth of the industry in NI, number of jobs vs number of graduates.
  4. Are there any themes or topics that have always interested you? Making of games, Games design.
  5. What animations/genres/national animation do you enjoy watching? Quirky comedy animations, Heavy special effects animations.
  6. What are your favourite animations and what categories do they belong to? Films

Forming a Research question was the next stage in this process and involved us asking: What are you going to explore/answer in your dissertation/report from the topic that we had singled out from the previous set of questions some of mine were –

  • What is the status of visual effects within the creative industry in Northern Ireland?
  • How has the visual effects industry grown within Northern Ireland?
  • What is the value of VFX within games?
  • What are the different kinds of VFX used in development?
  • What VFX techniques are used in film?

This gave me the basis to begin work on my Research Proposal now that I had an idea of the topic I would like to choose.

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Choosing the Right Agile Pilot Project


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