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Design Discourse Two Thoughts..

Overall this semester of design discourse two have involved a lot of information and a lot of presentations I have enjoyed the head space that design discourse brings to move onto learning information in a theory based way which is a change from the norm practical of animation we do each day. I had the opportunity to study books and give presentations on what I had learned from them which was actually quite cool.

The next stage was to create a 2500 – 3000 word essay that I either enjoyed or it made me want to pull my hair out but all in I had fun researching and writing the essay however I have noticed that whenever you research as you are writing the essay and come back to blog about your research it tends to make the process a lot more difficult.

Learning Java was also part of the design discourse modules although not complete I managed to get my feet wet with the Java assignments and videos and learned that I am brain dead from previous experience in and that hard habits are hard to beat however I now have a feeling for code and can progress with it in the future.

I have enjoyed this semester of Design Discourse Two and look forward to new challenges on the start of the new semester I think I have learn’t a lot in design discourse about the work that I do every day.

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