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Phil Tippett – Stop motion director, Star Wars

Phil Tippett was responsible for the stop motion in the first Star Wars franchise he created miniatures for the AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport) walkers in the battle of Hoth. Stop motion was the best sort of animation to use as the harsh movements of the stop motion worked well for the robotic movements of the AT-AT walkers.  The AT-AT walkers were usually around 6-50 centimetres in height.

The Tauntauns were also the creation of Phil Tippett and were little models that used the technique Phil Tippett created known as go motion which was motion blur added to each frame. The AT-AT walkers also used this technique.

This image shows the Phil Tippett operating the AT-AT walkers.



The following images shows a slightly hairier Phil Tippett operating a Tauntaun.


Images sourced from:  06/01/2014


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