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Flash Gordon, 1934 (Alex Raymond)

The 1934 edition of Flash Gordon was created by Alex Raymond and was a series of episodes and the special effects in this film were basic ,Flash gordon featured spaceships on strings as well as sets and costumes that were borrowed from other films. In 1934 Flash Gordon was far from a high budget movie and by the sounds of it people weren’t too impressed back then with the special effects involved.

George Lucas had become interested in Flash Gordon and wanted to remake the 1930’s – 1940’s attempts with more modern technology but the rights to the film had already been claimed by Dino de Laurentiis so George moved on to work on the Star Wars project instead.

The video below shows a scene where Flash parachutes from one spaceship to another. The spaceships in this scene are just model ships suspended by strings.

One thing to also notice between the title screens in Flash Gordon and Star Wars is the title crawl for the introductions for the films is identical. Flash Gordon was massively influenced by the 1929 version of Buck Rodgers.

Another example of special effects I found in this version of Flash Gordon was using live animals in miniature sets to make the animals appear to be large like dinosaurs this made me laugh when I first seen it. I have managed to track down episode 1 of the 1934 Flash Gordon and from about 8:30 seconds you really do start to see the special effects I have been talking about unfortunately the video is in German but it is still worth the watch here are some screenshots of the effects, I am unable to see the string in these videos as the quality of the videos are incredibly poor.

Information sourced from – 18/12/2013 18/12/2013  18/12/2013

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Images sourced from : Screenshots from included Youtube videos.


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