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Lecture 6 – Java

I have noticed that in these videos things are starting to get seriously technical and i’m worried about being in an algebra class instead of Java. This is quite worrying as maths has never been an interest of mine or a strong point at that.

Mehren covered constants and mentioned that constants are constantly the same unlike variables that have the ability to change. Booleans were soon introduced and are a type of variable whose value can only be true or false.

Value comparisons were then covered which turned out to be extremely important when watching the rest of the video they are pretty much a legend for what some things mean in the coding world.

Boolean expressions were the next topic to be covered as well as short circuit evaluation which stops evaluating a boolean expression as soon as the answer is apparent. Statement blocks were then talked about which were a compound statement (or block) is a set of statements enclosed in braces.

If statements, If else statements, Cascading If, Switch statement, for loop, While loop statements were then covered in covered to give examples of help to work on the second assignment.



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