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Programming Assignment One, Java (Karel)

This assignment features four problems are here are my attempts at making Karel move:

Problem One – CollectNewspaperKarel

This problem consisted of Karel moving out of the inner square in the world picking up a beeper and then returning to his original position.

Problem Two – StoneMasonKarel

This problem had Karel start from the bottom left hand corner of the world with the direction that Karel must build the remaining columns by placing beepers in the relevant places.

Problem Three – CheckerBoardKarel

In this problem Karel must start from the bottom left hand side of the world and move his way to the right while placing beepers on every other square he must then go back on himself on the next row and continue until he reaches the top.

Problem Four – MidPointFindingKarel

The task here was Karel had to create a solution to a problem and then carry out this solution. I have Karel go past the middle beeper and return to the opposite side of the world and go back and forth until he is back on the middle beeper again.


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