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Lecture Two – Java

This lecture introduced Karel the robot and talked about the basics of how to program Karel using the program Eclipse. In this video Mehran wen’t over the basic principles of functions and the difference between public and private. Errors were also covered in this video as they are certainly one thing we are going to encounter within our trials.

Mehran wen’t over the basics of debugging (Checking and correcting mistakes in your code).  More terminology of what some of the icons mean that we will come across mean was also another part of the information. The basics of how to move Karel and how to pick up beepers and place beepers were talked about moving into If statements and how these work. An If statement creates a question for karel to respond to for example:

If (frontIsClear())


What this statement does is asks if there is nothing in front of you Karel you may proceed to move onwards.

The art of nesting statements which I have done above makes the code easier to read and work through. Procedures are rules as such that are followed when using object orientated programming for example a procedure would be decomposing, Which is breaking the problem down into a more manageable unit called a procedure.

Object states and behaviours were covered as well as classes and extensions as well as how methods are used in order to respond to a command.



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