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Lecture Five – Java

This lecture talked about variables and how this is pretty much a box where we put stuff with the knowledeg that the content inside this box may change. Primitive types we then talked about as there are types that are built into java for example int = integer, double = real value, boolean = logical and char = character.

Mehren then went on to discuss how to declare variables and he showed the example for lecture four of the console program and wen’t on to highlight the declaration within this program so we could see first hand what he was talking about.

Variables that contain objects were the next plan of attack for example GLabel, GRect, GOval and GLine are all part of the GObject variable. The object is the receiver that receives methods.

When it comes to color the Java.awt package was then discussed and example were given such as color.PINK, color,RED etc. Mehren then discuseed constructors and how to draw from geometrical objects. The final part of the class  covered expressions which we are going to go more in depth about next lecture.



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