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Visual Effects – Effects Animation (1895)

Originally I wanted to carry on with the effects animation part of visual effects but in order to have a wider scope of the effects topic I will study visual effects for my 500 word proposal so far I have embarked in research to find out a little more about visual effects which seems fitting as this is the project I will be working on for the next 2 weeks.

I  began to look at the history of visual effects and managed to track down the first ever case of motion picture special effects.  As grim as the topic may be for this clip The Execution of Mary, Queen Of Scots, The director Alfred Clark stopped the film upon the moment of beheading and got the cast to freeze as they were while the actress for Mary Queen of Scots stepped out of the scene replacing her with a dummy and resuming filming so that the scene would look legit. This meant that the executioner would not have to pretend to cut of the actresses head it looks like they actually did.


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