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A Trip To The Moon – Le Voyage Dans La Lune (1902)

This is another video that shows the second example of special effects to come into motion film  which happened in 1902. This was not a copy of the stop trick but what happened was accidental the director Georges Melies camera froze during filming and it made things to appear as they did not actually appear therefore he began to use this trick deliberately in order to produce animation in his films.

May I add that this guy was a magician and he also invented techniques such as time lapses, dissolves, hand painted colour and multiple exposures. Its not just fate that animation is illusion and a trick of the eye one of the guys that started it was a magician…  coincidence.

This animation also makes use of the stop trick to replace props such as the moon itself displaying different facial expressions it reminds me of the mighty boosh where they have a moon that is a guys face covered in shaving foam.

Information sourced from –  (18/12/13)


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