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Information Skills : Chapter Two, What is an essay?

One of the questions I came across in the book that seems kind of obvious at first glance is what is an essay? , well heres my take on it :

  • A piece of literature or someones work that includes an argument about a topic(s).
  • Using lots and lots of different sources in your work.
  • Is not an opinion based piece of work however it may include a persons opinion.

Another key point that was featured was about how to take notes:

The purpose in taking notes is so that out of the 20% of what someone was saying or you read that you will capture you are able to capture that other 80% in notes.

Sourcing quotes and notes from another author is extremely vital as when you come back to your notes at a later time you may not be able to establish which notes are yours or the authors and you may ended up using the authors notes in your essay and submitting the work as your own which is known as plagiarism.


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