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Information Skills : Chapter Two, How to use literature gathered when writing an essay

Here a few tips on how to use literature to its maximum use when you are writing an essay.

  • Dont make a recreation of the content you are reading.
  • Do not list quotes from more than one source.
  • When using information someone else has used narrate it for better understand.
  • Use as many sources as possible, little resources will lead to poor literature.
  • When categorising, have an opinion on what you are writing about.
  • The essay must get a point across otherwise there is no point.

In this chapter there were also tips on how to read to the best of your ability, This does not mean how to read in general as I initially thought when reading the book.

  • Skimming a book is not all bad it can be useful to get points of information very quickly.
  • Research has proven that when students read more it has a better reflection on their marks.
  • Reading too much can be a bad thing what this means is reading information that is irrelevant and wasting your time when reseacrhing.



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