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Information Skills : Chapter Two, 3 Literature Types

In this chapter 3 literature types were discussed which are:

  1. The Initial ‘dip’ (Literature review I)
  2. The research question or hypothesis (Literature review II)
  3. The critical review stage (Literature review III)

The Initial ‘dip’ – This is what is classed as a hunch or feeling and this is the start of the identifying process of what available writings already exist that may be useful, what arguments are present that are relevant about the topic and answering the question Is the topic really what I thought it was.

The research question – This is how you decrease the scope on the information you are looking for. A research question is formed from an already existing question or an idea, using a question that cannot be answered with yes or no is a good way to start.

The critical review stage – Is the stage whenever you can begin to categorise content into what is more relevant so you can proceed to go more in depth into the subject. After using a research question and hypothesis a case study may eventually be formed to narrow the focus even more to aid with the categorising process. This is done by forming a question based on a topic included in the hypothesis.



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