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Information Skills : Chapter Three, How to evaluate print & online resources

This bit of the book basically described how to evaluate the work that you have found to do this you need the most up to date resources so the book warned that when looking for a paper you should go by the date of the paper too so that the information is still correct in this day and age.

When evaluating online resources you have to QA on your own and decide which information is legit and which is not therefore possibly slowing down the research process and also leaving the opportunity for wrong information to be collected. From this information it looks like paper seems to be more useful than an online search engine however online journals and books are still a good direction to go in.

There was a poem included in the book written by Rudyard Kipling and the point this poem gets across is to ask yourself questions in order to evaluate your information here it is:

‘I keep six honest serving – men’

‘They taught me all I knew’

‘Their names are what and why and when’

‘And how and where and who.’

This poem reminds me of the W5 in the odyssey arena Belfast. The W5 stands for Who, What , Where, When and Why. From the whole poem the only missing word is How so I remember the questions as Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.


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