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After The Presentation

Well its safe to say Im glad thats over, The presentation wen’t well I think apart from a few technical errors everything wen’t smoothly,  god damm technology… Today were gonna watch back the presentations so we can see how we come across to others which may be a good or bad thing because if I look like an “a” hole I wont be best pleased.

Im glad foundation wasn’t there watching us to because I don’t think I could have done it, i’m getting there with the presentation thing I may even be starting to get used to it which is pretty cool.

The animation looked cool on the big screen I must say I was standing with a big cheeser on my face but with the blue screen it didn’t look so cool.

Im no longer a moustache virgin and it was kinda awkward every time I smiled it came off and most of the presentation was spend standing like an idiot trying to hold it on. It was worth it though.. 🙂


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