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Sound editing

Basically what I’m doing now i’m doing now is when Lauren finishes a section of the animation she passes it on to me so that I can do some sound editing so by just dragging the animation as an mov into garageband I am able to see the animation  and add sound as I go along and get the timing right, however this is just a guideline until the animation is finished as each time more clips are added to the animation the timing changes so I have to go through and time it correctly again. This is no biggy as it enables me to get an idea of what sounds I am going to use and where the timing can all be sorted out at the end.

Websites such as and have come in handy for importing sounds that garageband does not have these sounds are free and within copyright as they are less than 30 seconds and permissions are granted. When the sounds are downloaded they automatically go into i tunes and from garageband I can access i tunes and drag the sounds straight onto the timeline simples…

As I have been waiting on animation I have either been searching for more sounds that I may use later on in the animation, as I was part of making the script I have an idea of whats going to be needed so this speeds things up for me later on in the project. I have also been helping Lauren and Andrew with either cutting up images or colouring them in with Photoshop.




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