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Welcome to Garageband

After getting a quick tutorial of Lauren on how to use Garageband as Andrew moved on to work with the rest of the time I made a start to the sound so I had something to do. This was my first time using Garageband but it was easy enough to get the hang of pretty much drag in the video use a line to get your position on the timeline drag in a sound loop on the line and there you have your sound with correct timing. It wasn’t always that easy though so I found out as I progressed more into the animation I started to need more sounds that weren’t available in Garageband so I had to use website like and were I could legally download mp3 sounds into my itunes and pull them straight from itunes into garageband and onto the timeline, simple as that. Although saying that when I was using the websites to find the sounds it sometimes took hours just to find a few that I could use and that would fit in with the project.




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